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Best Product!

I use Reelers Shield on the water, off the water, in my truck, for work and even on the golf course! Sun protection is something everyone needs to be aware of and this is the product that will save your skin!

This stuff is THE best. PERIOD

Being a third generation Florida waterman. and on the water daily I KNOW SUNSHINE!! , The sun is my “Kryptonite”. I must cover up. Long sleeves. Hat. Shades. Sunscreen. It’s a survival need. Yes it’s that important.

This product exceeds anything I have used. Yes I tried them all. This stays effective as I sweat. I’m often on the water from 0800 until 1800 hours. Yeah. Long days. Yeah, I love it! So far, free of major skin issues!!!

And I’m a light completion blue eyed “mature” guy. (LOTS of days in the sun.) Use this stuff....or put the dermatologist’s kids through college!

I am a believer.

I'm allergic to ALL sunscreens!!! Not Reelers-shield! No hives, no rash, no chemical burn. 31 years its taken to find a sunscreen that I'm not allergic to. I am a believer. Such a great product with convenient travel friendly packaging.

Reeler's Shield is my go to sunscreen. It works extremely well. It is also very comfortable to wear because it doesn't leave your skin feeling oily. It is a great product!

Quick and Easy!

This stuff goes on as easy and quickly as you need, never have to wipe your hands after and very protective. Awesome stuff!

Best Natural sunscreen. I used promo code and saved shipping charges.

Easy to use. A little goes a long way. No chemicals!!! It’s so great to finally find a natural sunscreen that goes on clear. And non greasy. This is great stuff. Get your shield up!

It didn’t help my fishing, but Reelers kept me from burning. No mess. Easy to use.

Shared this with my 85 year old mom who is fair skinned and freckled. She loves it! She works in her flower garden and has always had a skin irritation from chemical sunscreens. Reelers natural sun stick is easy for her to apply and keeps her protected all morning.

We keep a stick in the car for using at the kid’s baseball and soccer games. I’ve had precancerous legions removed and must use a highly effective sunscreen. Reelers goes on dry and clear. No mess or smell. Highly recommend.

This was great on our young granddaughters in the Caribbean sun. It did a perfect job of protecting them from burning. Best of all , it could be used all around there eyes with no stinging or discomfort.

This stuff is great. Worked fantastic on the kids with them in the water all afternoon.

With my fair complexion I burn very easy. This worked great. Goes on nice, no mess and no burn all day!

Could not have been happier with this product. Best protection my family has had when out on the water.

Finally a sunscreen that understands anglers. I can apply in the morning before I go out and it protects me all day. It doesn't get all over my tackle or boat because it goes on dry. Great work!!

As an avid angler I have always been concerned about the damage my skin could suffer from the sun's rays. Reeler's Shield is the only sunscreen I will use now that I have tried it. It goes on dry, the protection is phenomenal, and it doesn't harm the reefs that I love. If you fish this is a product you must carry with you.

The best on the market for total protection and won’t hurt a dang thing..not fish..not kids..nothing. Staff is professional and will take care of you. Getcha Some!

It doesn’t harm or deter fish, it is eco-friendly, it won’t burn your eyes, and it works! Great product!

As an avid angler, I’m out on the water for extremely long periods of time. I often forgot or don’t want to apply sunscreen due to the oily and sticky residue left on your hands or face afterwards. Now that I’ve found Reeler’s Shield, I always have a stick with me and can apply it easily, without the hassle of traditional sunscreen!

Great innovation. Works incredibly well and doesn’t have all the negatives of classic sunscreens. Great for fisherman and outdoorsmen alike!

Groundbreaking! The only UV protection out there you can directly apply to your eyelids and have no burn! No oil or scent to worry about either! Absolutely 10/10

This product is absolutely incredible! The sunscreen dries almost immediately, and doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue. It also dripped into my eyes while fishing on Lake Tahoe, Florida, and it didn’t even irritate my eyes in the slightest! I am from Northwest Indiana, and used this product on a week long trip to Florida, which I’ve never been to in my life, and Reeler’s Shield kept me from getting a single burn during my week long vacation. The waterproof technology even kept my hands from being burned while constantly dipping them in the water fishing. It is completely eco-friendly and reef friendly as well! I recommend this product to any outdoorsman or any persons looking for a good sunscreen.